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Music production

Our company has been working with Czech and international partners on producing their music for many years now. We provide a full package, including the selection of an appropriate studio for the particular type of music and the recording of anything from small chamber ensembles to full size symphony orchestras or jazz big bands. If required, we can also provide post production, sound mixing, and also distribution of CDs.


„In March 2013 we first time met producer Sergey Bolshakov and conductor Felix Aranovskij. We worked togehter on big project. Was recorded 16 songs of famous russian group BI 2. Everything was great arranged by Gennadij Kornilov. 3 fantastic days with all of them in SONO!!“

Photos of recording

Spencer Gibb

After a year and a bit (January 2011), we again welcome in Prague Spencer Gibb and Aaron Frescas, who recorded music for their new CD there. Cooperation took place at a great level, the orchestra under the baton of Ludek Drizhal who has written orchestral parts, played like hell. The result is excellent! Unlike last time, now we recorded in our favorite Sono Records studio.

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Anthida Thouret

October 17, 2010, we continued the recording project with our Italian friends, Maestro Paolo Saturn, Antonio Salvati and others. During this day we made a track record Cantata S. Giovanna Antida Thoured. The recording took place in the studio SONO Records again. We look forward to continuing next year.

Photos of recording

Spencer Gibb

Our last project of 2009 was the recording in December of the orchestra on the most recent CD of the outstanding American musician and singer Spencer Gibb. He co-produced the recording with Aaron Frescas and the orchestra was conducted by Ludek Drizhal, whom we know well from previous projects, and who on this occasion was also responsible for the orchestral arrangements. The recording was made in the Studio CNSO Hostivař.

Photos of recording

Film music

The Triart Management company also has extensive experience with providing the music for films. Again, this covers everything from selecting an appropriate studio, through arranging for all types of musical ensembles and the necessary instruments, and all aspects of post production, to a choice of well-known Czech and international composers of music for films.


„In February 2013 we met again our friend from India, Sundar Challapaly, and recorded his music to new india movie. Done in SONO records“

Photos of recording


„In June 2012 we made a new recording to the last movie by famous Czech director, Jiri Menzel. Music was composed by Ales Brezina. Everything was recorded in SONO studio and orchestra did a great job as usuall under leading Stanislav Vavrinek.“

Photos of recording


On January 19, 2011 we again met with us already very well known composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist Ludek Drizhal on a new project called Entanglement (Uwiklanie by Polish). It is a brand new film by director Jack Bromsky, which will certainly aspire ... thanks also Ludek’s music ... for many awards. It was recorded in SONO Records studio again.

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Turismo De Portugal | Nuno Freire Malo

Right on the beginning of the year, concretely on January 3, 2011, we had an opportunity firstly to work with a great young artist from Portugal, whose name is Nuno Freire Malo. It belongs to the talented young generation of composers. The music, that we recorded, was a document, ordered by the Portuguese Government in support of the local tourism industry. The composer of music was nominated for several prestigious awards by the Association of American Film Music Critics a few weeks after the recording. And we look forward to meeting with him in Prague again. Recorded in theCNSO studio Prague.

Recording studios

We work with the most modern Prague recording studios, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and having friendly staff with a highly professional approach. Each of the studios is particularly suited to recording particular styles of music, and so it is up to you which one you choose, depending on your requirements.



This studio has been operating for many years and has built up an international reputation for specialising in the creation of film music. However, it is also suitable for recording, for example, music for computer games, or recording over the internet.


Studio SONO Records is one of the best-equipped studios in the Czech Republic. It is suitable both for recording smaller projects and, for example, film music. It prides itself on its distinguished international clientele and its location in a natural setting not far from Prague.


This studio is situated close to the centre of Prague and is particularly suitable for recording classical chamber music andsmaller projects.


Music Studio of the Czech Television has more than 30-year tradition of recording all genres of the current and classic music. However, this studio has been mostly used to record scenic music.


One of the biggest recording studios in Europe offers the fabulous combination of great recording room, high-end recording technology and experienced professional staff. It's grate for recordingorchestral or film music.

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