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About Us

Founded in 2010 by the Prague-born Jan Svec, Soprania has the goal to organize concerts of classical music, contemporary music and jazz in Switzerland, as well as other European countries.
Its uniqueness resides in the coupling of the musical performance with various other artistic expressions, such as video-art, photo projection, reading of literary works.
We also compose original music and produce music.

Our aim is to enhance the auditor's/spectator's experience by offering him the inspiration of an artist from a field traditionally separated from music. Thus artists of the visual domain, or such of the word (be it poetry, drama or prose) harmoniously and softly integrate the show which at the beginning was a purely musical pleasure. Quite naturally, we aspire to extend the choice of venues to places others than concert halls - museums, galeries, and further spaces to be imagined, can offer their specific advantages.

Soprania proposes:


Platon Busset Stravinsky

"Music gives a soul to our hearts and wings to our thoughts."


"Everything is music. We only get the whole worth of a painting, a landscape, a book, a journey if we hear their music."

Jacques de Bourbon

"I have said some place that it is not enough to hear music, we must be capable to see it."

Igor Stravinsky

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